Threat Intelligence & Cyber Awareness

Do you have organisational processes in place to collate information in relation to cyber threats? Do you have processes and capability to evaluate that information and identify actionable intelligence? Do you have the capacity and expertise to analyse the intelligence that you have gathered in order to identify credible threat, risk and opportunity?


If the answer is “no”, then IAS Ltd can assist in all of those areas and more. Threat Intelligence is basically intelligence with a “cyber” element and so we need to firstly assess your organisation’s understanding of intelligence and capabilities in respect of it. We can identify robust methods to collate and evaluate information in respect of cyber threat by designing collection plans and evaluation criteria. We can analyse that information for you and deliver intelligence products that will focus on specific subjects or problems which, in turn, will affect your organisation’s planning in respect of preventative or operational response.


We can write tactical assessments that will identify short term or immediate threat and propose recommendations to counter it, as well as identify intelligence gaps and areas of vulnerability. We will also devise long term strategic planning in respect of capturing data and intelligence around future threats, ensuring organisational preparedness.


We will be able to design and deliver training packages aimed at all levels of your organisation in relation to cyber awareness, threat intelligence and intelligence modelling. Awareness of threat should start at the top of an organisation and this awareness should be replicated throughout staff at all levels. Enhanced organisational knowledge around intelligence processes will enable threats to be identified quickly and ensure that appropriate measures are in place to counter them.