Social Media & Big Data Analysis

Social media is an increasingly powerful and influential tool; organisations need to be able to understand how best to use and react to social media in order to take advantage of the opportunities it presents in a forever evolving online community.


When utilised correctly social media can be used to develop fantastic customer relations, disseminate information quickly, reaching a huge audience and can prove extremely profitable to the organisation. Conversely, negative press can be passed on just as quickly and if not resolved in an effective and timely manner could harm the reputation of your product or company.


Social media is vast and always developing with new apps and sites becoming available on almost a daily basis. Identifying what is being said about your organisation, how competitors are using social media and products or where best to enhance your presence for future growth can be confusing.


At IAS Ltd our highly experienced consultants have a proven track record on collating and analysing large volumes of data from differing sources and presenting the findings simply with key recommendations to direct the organisation.


IAS Ltd is able to offer independent bespoke social media analysis for your company to ensure that you make effective use of social media. Some examples of how we can assist you are:-


Baseline social media presence of your organisation
or competitors

This will identify the baseline presence of your company with recommendations on how to grow your presence to achieve organisational aims and how this compares to competitors.


Current monitoring of your social media presence

Understand what people are saying about your organisation/company/product; this may be around specific and tailored monitoring and sentiment analysis.


Results analysis

IAS can provide results analysis around specific events for example social media marketing campaigns to validate whether your aims and objectives were met and provide advice if some elements could be more successful in future campaigns.


Assistance with future or current marketing campaigns

IAS can provide advice around which sites will reach your target audience and how the market is currently reacting to your products.


Social media vetting of potential future employees

Social media usage by employees can be a risk to the reputation of your organisation. IAS can investigate the social media presence of prospective or current employees for vetting or potential disciplinary purposes.


Social media is the future and organisations cannot afford to underestimate it’s importance. Contact IAS Ltd today and let us help you unlock the potential of social media.