Risk Analysis

At IAS, our consultants have experience of providing risk analysis and contingency management strategies to a wide range of clients including law enforcement and private sector companies.


Our consultants will lead you through a proven risk assessment and management
process to;

  • Identify the causes of risk
  • Define the nature of the risk
  • Identify the consequence of the risk
  • Identify effective contingency plans to manage the risk


This clear process enables a prioritisation process that allows organisations to minimise both the financial and reputational impact of potential future events.


Experienced in utilising the National Decision Model (NDM) and the Risk Management Cycle utilised by the Police Service in England and Wales, our consultants can establish a fully operational Risk Register for our clients to meet their individual requirements.

Working closely with our clients throughout this process, together we can identify those ‘uncertainties’ that could affect the achievement of your objectives, minimising the threats, and maximising the opportunities for your organisation.