Performance Management and Analysis

Successful organisations have comprehensive knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses, along with the risks they face and the opportunities available to them. Accurate and efficient performance monitoring addresses the first two of these criteria, but many organisations fail to progress beyond the data description phase to effective analysis. As a result they do not develop an understanding of the reasons for under or over-performance, or have a sufficient picture of risk and opportunity. Consequently this leads to uninformed decision making, which can have severe consequences.


At IAS, we have consultants with vast experience in high pressure and results-focused departments within law enforcement. We can offer a complete service from designing and implementing data collection processes through to the production of detailed analytical reports.


These high quality and comprehensive reports will not only identify performance levels and patterns it will interrogate the data to identify the reasons for the performance and make recommendations which will enable you to improve efficiency and outcomes.

We are able to apply these skills to a wide variety of sectors and situations, including (but not limited to):

  • Manufacturing
  • Employee performance monitoring
  • School and academy performance monitoring (both at student and whole-school levels)
  • Short or long term performance improvement plans.


We are also able to offer a results analysis service which will help you to accurately identify whether the method, product or service you are considering will really make a difference to your performance.


Any organisation requires informed decision making to succeed, and at IAS, we have the expertise to ensure that you have a total understanding of your performance, and the reasons behind it, to enable you to make those decisions with confidence.