Our consultants at IAS have an extensive background in law enforcement. All members of the team have successfully contributed to numerous complex investigations with a positive conclusion. They have applied analytical knowledge to progress a case, direct investigations and present evidence at court. Effective analysis towards the beginning of a case can provide direction, save time and money and negate the need for long costly trials. All of our consultants can provide support analysis of big data to assist in all areas of law within the legal profession and for all stages of the legal process.


Even the best of evidential cases can struggle to be successful if the information is not presented correctly to allow it to be fully understood. Our consultants at IAS have countless experience of producing customer focused evidential documents for court and  presenting complex case evidence to Crown Court in a clear, concise, and understandable manner.


Utilising a variety of different techniques and software, IAS can present your evidence to achieve maximum impact and attain the best possible results.


Our range of evidential products and reports can be tailored to meet the needs of our clients on a case by case basis. Standard products however include:


Network Analysts Charts utilising industry standard i2 Analyst's Notebook Software.

Complex networks of individuals, groups, organisations etc. can be clearly displayed in pictorial format showing the links between the different entities to enable a clear and easy understanding of a hierarchy or network.


Sequence of Events

Complex chronological sequences drawing evidence from a wide variety of sources presented in a clear pictorial format showing all of the key details in a case.


Attribution Analysis

IAS has experienced analysts with a proven track record of producing and presenting Attribution Reports to Crown Court. Over many, years, our analysts have presented reports to Crown Court attributing mobile telephone numbers, computers, email accounts, user names and IP addresses to individuals.


Written Reports

Our experts at IAS have years of experience of producing and presenting written reports detailing evidential analysis to support legal proceedings. We can analyse your data, information and evidence from a variety of different sources to produce a comprehensive analytical written report of our findings.


Communications Data Analysis

Analysis of communications data including call data records, cell site data, I.P  data and eForensic mobile device downloads, to name a few. Our consultants have vast experience in analysing and interpreting communications data to identify intelligence gaps, highlight lines of enquiry and build evidential documents.


These products and reports have been proven to add value to every stage of an investigation, in all types of legal proceedings, be it criminal or civil trial, to administrative hearings and tribunals. The process of analysing large volumes of evidence from a wide variety of sources can be hugely complex. Our experts at IAS are here to help.