Business Intelligence Analysis

The analytical requirements of any business are vast & varied, with no single standard solution suitable and effective to meet these needs. What can be guaranteed is our consultants at IAS ltd will provide you an outstanding service that will direct you in getting the most potential out of your data.


At IAS Ltd we will provide independent analytical support and advice to your organisation, delivering bespoke products to assist in adding value to your data, gaining a rich understanding of patterns and trends to allow for evidenced based decision making. We have the skills and ability to design and produce bespoke products depending on your own individual business needs, providing clarity and direction.


All of our analysts come equipped with the latest business analytics software to enable them to deliver the ultimate analytical support to our clients, visualising and gaining insight into value which your data holds.


IAS Ltd has a proven track record on providing considered solutions to business problems. Utilising cutting edge software our expert consultants will undertake analysis of the highest standard to clearly identify the problem to be solved and set the goal to be reached, ensuring the final product we deliver to you will drive your business forward.


Through advice and guidance we will direct you on the optimum data collection process to fill identified intelligence gaps. Through the in-depth analysis of your data and the wider context of your business area, an assessment of threats, risks and opportunities can be presented, making detailed and prioritised recommendations to aid smarter and more informed decision making - giving you that competitive edge against others in your field.

Our services don’t have to end with the delivery of our products, we will continue to guide you through the testing and implementation phase of the applied recommendations, and will assist with the ongoing development and review of processes by completing results analysis.


In all business areas better decisions equal greater operational efficiency, cost reductions and reduced risks - Let us at IAS Ltd help your organisation achieve this goal.