Innovation Through Analysis

Intelligent Analytical Solutions is built upon core values of integrity, security, and expertise, with an unyielding commitment to provide our clients with an unrivalled analytical product empowering them to achieve their goals.

Our range of analytical services is all encompassing. Our consultants will deliver a bespoke analytical service to meet the exact requirements of your company. Friendly and professional consultants, vetted to the highest level will insure the integrity of your businesses data and intelligence. With unrivalled data transfer and security solutions, currently utilised by over 15 police forces, your data has never been safer. A proven track record in turning data and intelligence into insight to drive your business forward and achieve its potential, our quality of product and service is unsurpassed. Welcome to Intelligent Analytical Solutions.

Operational analytical services to support investigative and legal proceedings. Detail >


Training and mentoring design and delivery tailored to meet customer specifications. Detail >


The development of organisational intelligence processes to aid informed decision making in relation to cyber threat. Detail >

Threat Intelligence &
Cyber Awareness

Development of quality management systems and processes and attainment of ISO 9001. Detail >

Quality Management -
ISO Implementation

Identification and analysis of the risks facing your organisation and recommendations for counter-measures. Detail >


Expert analysis of business intelligence & data to answer all of your questions and to deliver the "so what?" Detail >

Business Intelligence

Identification and analysis of key performance indicators to ensure optimum planning and output. Detail >

Performance Management
and Analysis

Assessment of your social media presence and reach with subsequent analytical output to affect informed strategic planning. Detail >

Design and implementation of business process models to influence organisational decision making at all levels. Detail >

Strategic Planning and Process Modelling

Social Media &
Big Data Analysis

Data Security is something we take extremely seriously at IAS. Our end to end data infrastructure is provided by our sister company IIS Ltd who have over 40 years combined experience in providing secure IL2, IL3, IL4 IT Solutions for police forces throughout the UK. We are unlike most companies who design security as a secondary concern, all of our infrastructure is built from the outside in to ensure security is not led by technology requirements but designed purely with security as the focal point. Our entire ITinfrastructure is housed in BS8418 & BS5979 accredited data centres here in the UK with built in disaster recovery and off-site backup for business continuity purposes.


Our communications infrastructure uses CESG approved encryption to deliver secure transfer of data across the world wide web, and our systems are secured using a multi-layered multi-platform approach, consisting of industry best practise topologies and access restrictions. Each system is reviewed and updated each time CESG best-practise settings change.


We frequently perform penetration tests against all of our systems to ensure they are up to date, and to ensure no risk of unauthorised access exists. We work very closely with some of the largest IT Security hardware providers in the world, to ensure we keep ahead of any new vulnerabilities.


Our Security team have industry recognised qualifications, and are encouraged to keep these up to date as new iterations are available.